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Vivo Restaurant Rewards

Everyone’s a winner.

Unmatched value now comes with unmatched rewards.

Taste of Hartford, from January 20th to February 2nd, already gives guests unparalleled value with meals priced at only $20.14 but Vivo Restaurant Rewards brings it one step further by offering exclusive Vivo Restaurant Reward Cards with an initial hidden value towards a future visit.

What is a Vivo Restaurant Rewards Card?

Vivo Restaurant Rewards Cards initially come in one of three different denominations: $10, $25. and $50. Every table during the Taste of Hartford will have the chance to randomly select one card good towards a future visit.

The card’s value is a secret. You must click here to view the value of your card.

Once you use the card for it’s inital value, hold on to it. It’ll get you 10% off every time you dine at Vivo!


Taste of Hartford ’14

Be sure to Join Vivo for the Taste of Hartford between January 20th and February 2nd for our special three-course menu complete with your choice of dessert for only $20.14!

See the menu below.

VivoVivo Restaurant Rewards