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Taste of Hartford 2018 Summer Edition

Hartford’s Restaurant Week is back from July 16th through July 28th at Vivo Seasonal Trattoria located in the Hartford Marriott Downtown. We continue to offer one of the best TOH menus in the city-wide event!

Vivo’s guests will enjoy an appetizer course choice that includes Sicilian Tuna Carpaccio or a refreshing Caesar Salad Brulee. After that, a second course main like our Veal Ricotta Meatballs, a house specialty, or Shrimp Carbonara De Buccatini will excite the taste buds and satisfy any appetite. Finally, a decadent dessert selection will complete your evening.

Explore our complete menu and make your reservation today! Taste of Harford isn’t around for long, so make the most of this amazing culinary event. Our three-course dinner is priced at $30.18.





French Onion Gratinee
Slow cooked onions with red wine, beef stock, crusted bread and gruyere

Sicilian Tuna Carpaccio
Bluefin tuna, blistered tomatoes, pickled shallots, fried capers and aioli

Caesar Salad Brulee
Romaine hearts brushed with lemon caesar, parmesan cheese then flame torched

Beet Salad With Arugula
Roasted beets sliced thin, pistachio, chevre and blueberry balsamic


Bolognese Alla Rigatoni – Vivo Signature
Slow braised beef & veal simmered in red wine with san marzano tomatoes, parmesan, and herbs

Shrimp Carbonara De Buccatini
Crispy pancetta, garlic, spinach, cream with sunny side egg

Veal Ricotta Meatballs – House Specialty
Light tomato ragu, parmesan cream over mascarpone polenta

Brick Pressed Chicken
Braised Swiss chard, mascarpone polenta, natural reduced chicken au jus

Pan Roasted Halibut
Farro kale salad, truffle tomato relish, black pepper aioli


Salted Caramel Budino

Pistachio Panna Cotta With Blueberry Crème Fraiche



VivoTaste of Hartford 2018 Summer Edition