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Taste Of Hartford 2015

Vivo is proud to be participating with over 30 other Hartford area restaurants in the Taste of Hartford this winter!

Restaurants across Hartford are offering special multi-course, price-fixed tasting menus featuring some of their signature dishes for $20.15 to $30.15 per guest. Our menu this winter is inspired by the local ingredients like Prince Edward Island Mussels and our rich tradition of delivering quality Italian fare to the city of Hartford. Our guests will receive the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect and still be surprised with some of the new flavors available during this Taste of Hartford event.

Our three course menu allows for you to choose options that best suit your mood and palette. We have two choices for entrees – a $25.15 level and a $30.15 level. Either one is sure to send you home happy.

Our Menu

VivoTaste Of Hartford 2015