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Hartford’s Italian Heritage

Many Italian immigrants settled in the City of Hartford in the early 1900s. It was a time when Front Street ran parallel to the Connecticut River and had become home to a large portion of the city’s Italian population who found an abundance of jobs found in the area. A vibrant Front Street neighborhood was bustling with street vendors selling Italian goods and wares that were a welcome reminder of home for these immigrants.

By the mid-1900s, catastrophic flooding came to the Front Street area. The floods forced the residents to move south to Hartford’s Franklin Avenue, which has now become known as the city’s “Little Italy”.

Today, through the redevelopment of Front Street along the Connecticut River, Hartford has revitalized the Front Street and Vivo Seasonal Trattoria is proud to bring a tradition of Italian dining back to Hartford’s original Italian neighborhood.

See photos and learn more about historic Front Street through the interactive work provided by WNPR’s Radius Project.

VivoHartford’s Italian Heritage