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Express Box or In-Restaurant Lunch at Vivo

Lunch Is Back at VIVO!

We’re thrilled to extend our hours through 2:00PM weekdays and offer awesome lunch options for the capital city!

Let’s do lunch!

Impress clients or your team with a lunch meeting at Vivo, located at the Marriott Hartford Downtown. There’s something for every taste on our lunch menu featuring plenty of healthy options and traditional sandwiches as well. Our refined and spacious dining room brings personality and an upscale environment to any meeting. Trust our expert wait staff to treat you and your associates just right during your lunch break at VIVO.

Lunch Crunch!

Are you on a tight schedule or looking for take-out lunch options in Hartford? Our Express Lunch Box is a perfect fit for your time crunch while satisfying that craving for a healthy lunch! You choose a soup or salad, sandwich type an a drink and we’ll have you out the door in no time with a satisfying and tasty lunch to go. Of course our Express Box Lunch can be enjoyed in our dining room too!

Make your plans and meet at Vivo for lunch this week! View the complete Vivo Lunch Menu.

VivoExpress Box or In-Restaurant Lunch at Vivo